There are three traditional methods the mainstream medicines uses to treat TMJ disorder:

1) Medication

Medication is often prescribed for mild forms of TMD. This can alleviate any associated pain and also help the jaw muscle relax.

The different kinds of medications used for treating TMJ syndrome include painkillers like ibuprofen or low-strength antidepressants like amitriptyline and muscle relaxants. (1)

2) Dental Therapies

Orthodontics offer the most common solutions for TMD. (2)

The exact process for the therapy will depend on your requirements. However, the most common means for treating TMJ disorders include oral splints, physical treatments for jaw movement and counseling to consciously avoid things like grinding teeth or clenching them.

3) Surgeries

In general, there are two kinds of surgery for TMJ disorder, the first tries to be minimally invasive and clean out the jaw area through small tools.

Some common processes in this category include arthrocentesis, arthoscopy and modified condylotomy. Out of the three, the first two are used to address the joint directly while the third is used to address the mandible. In some cases, Botox injections might also be used.

In case, none of the above procedures are able to improve the situation, open joint surgery or arthrotomy is used. This involves opening the mandibular joint and repairing or replacing it. (3)